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Maserati-driving NUS professor warned by police after traffic dispute

Remember him?

National University of Singapore (NUS) professor Henry Yeung Wai Chung, who was fined $5,000 and banned from driving for 13 months in 2018, is in the news again for another traffic incident.

He has been given a stern police warning after arguing with another car owner when their cars collided.

The other unnamed driver told Shin Min Daily News that the incident happened on Nov 3 when a BMW car suddenly changed lanes without signalling along Tomlinson Road.

“I couldn’t stop in time, and his right mirror scratched the left front of my car. Then, the BMW driver stuck his head out [of the car window] and swore at me,” he recounted.

The BMW driver then alighted to confront the man, who recorded their exchange and later called the police.

Footage of the incident was uploaded onto the Singapore Road Vigilante Facebook page on Nov 9. The clip showed the BMW driver, identified as Yeung in the post, gesturing and shouting at the car owner.

In 2018, Yeung was fined and banned from driving after being caught on video speeding and driving his Maserati against traffic in Lorong Chuan.

He had previously been fined thrice for speeding, inconsiderate driving and careless driving between 2012 and 2016, according to The Straits Times then. 

The other driver also told Shin Min that Yeung drove away after their exchange without providing his contact information.

“I was standing next to his car and thought he would stay in his car to wait for the police. Instead, he drove away and nearly hit me.” 

He claimed he followed Yeung to The St. Regis Singapore and asked him to wait for the police to arrive, but Yeung shouted back at him, saying “My insurance will contact you”, and left.

But that didn’t happen, he said, and he had to pay $100 for repairs to his car.

The police confirmed to Shin Min that there was an accident involving two vehicles along Tomlinson Road at 2.20pm on Nov 3 and a 55-year-old driver was issued a stern warning following investigations.

A NUS spokesperson told the Chinese evening daily on Dec 18 that it is aware of the incident and would deal with it according to internal policies and procedures.


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