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Clementi landslide: PUB distributing flood bags and flood barriers as precautionary measure

National water agency PUB has started distributing inflatable flood bags and portable flood barriers to homes in Sunset Way and Sunset Drive on Monday afternoon.

This is a precautionary measure after a landslide last week created a blockage in the nearby Ulu Pandan Canal. 

These flood protection devices can be set up quickly during heavy rain, to prevent floodwaters from entering homes, PUB said in a statement on Facebook.

"We have also engaged building owners in the vicinity to assist them with flood protection preparation," the agency added.

Inflatable flood bags are alternatives to traditional sandbags and filled with a material that inflates when there is contact with water, while the self-anchoring flood barrier creates a dam to redirect floodwater.

The distribution follows a landslide last Friday near the Clementi NorthArc construction site in Clementi Avenue 6, which caused damage to the Ulu Pandan Park Connector and led to soil displacement into the Ulu Pandan Canal.

The site has been cordoned off for public safety, with residents told to stay clear of the area for now.

A section of the park connector which stretches between Boon Lay Way and Clementi Road will remain closed.

The authorities had said earlier that recovery works to stabilise the site and safely remove the dislodged soil in Sungei Ulu Pandan would take time.

PUB on Monday said that with rainy weather expected in the first half of September, the areas upstream of the canal blockage may experience higher flood risk in the event of heavy rain.

The agency has also increased its deployment of quick response team vehicles, which are on standby in the upstream locations, so they can quickly respond to potential flash floods and provide assistance.

It added that it is also closely monitoring the rain forecast and water level sensors in the canal, and will support National Parks Board to close the Ulu Pandan Park Connector for public safety when necessary.

"We will like to remind the public to avoid using the park connector during heavy rain," PUB said.

"Should a flash flood occur, please remain on high ground and avoid walking through floodwaters."

It was reported last week that one passer-by suffered minor injuries in the landslide incident and was attended to at the site. The injured man is now resting at home.

No other injuries were reported.

[Precautionary flood protection measures for residents and building owners due to landslide at Clementi NorthArc] ...

Posted by PUB, Singapore's National Water Agency on Monday, September 5, 2022