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Clementi landslide: Repair works to be complete by second half of 2023

Three months after a landslide near the construction site at a Clementi Build-to-Order (BTO) project damaged the nearby park connector, repair work will soon enter its final phase, the Housing Board said in a Facebook post on Saturday.

The third and main phase involves fully restoring the Ulu Pandan Canal, reinstating the damaged part of Ulu Pandan Park Connector, and reconstructing the slope and precinct structures within the Clementi NorthArc BTO project.

The reconstruction is expected to begin in the next two months and be completed by the second half of 2023.

The north bank of the park connector is expected to reopen in the first quarter of 2023.

On Sept 2, the landslide caused a massive amount of soil to be pushed into the Ulu Pandan canal, raising flood concerns, while a short portion of the park connector beside the site was left cracked and broken.

One passer-by sustained minor injuries.

On Saturday, HDB said in its Facebook post that a segment of the south bank of the same connector will remain closed during the final phase of recovery and reconstruction works.

It added that since mid-November, it has conducted soil clearing operations and widened the canal back to its full surface width.

Said HDB: “We will proceed to clear the soil from the canal bed and banks to restore Sungei Ulu Pandan to its original depth and capacity, before initiating work to reinstate the park connector.”

The first phase, completed in September, was to mitigate slope failure and flood risks.

The second phase was to stabilise the slope so the third phase could be carried out safely.

This involved steel sheet piling works, which were completed in mid-November, and soil improvement works that are currently being finished.


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Posted by Housing & Development Board on Saturday, December 3, 2022
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