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CNB officer allegedly assaulted man to force confession

This article is more than 12 months old

A Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) officer allegedly assaulted a man to extort a confession involving drugs.

Vengedesh Raj Nainar Nagarajan, 32, was charged in court last Friday with three counts of voluntarily causing hurt to extort a confession.

If convicted, he can be jailed for up to seven years and fined or caned for each charge.

He is accused of assaulting the man in a toilet at the Woodlands Checkpoint CNB Block B office between 5.58am and 9.30am on Jan 2, 2017.

According to court documents, Vengedesh is said to have kicked, punched and slapped the man to induce him into confessing he knew about the drugs found in his raincoat bag. This allegedly took place between 5.58am and 6.14am.


Between 8.35am and 8.43am, Vengedesh allegedly kicked and punched the man again to extort him into confessing that the bundle of drugs contained heroin.

Vengedesh is accused of assaulting the man for the third time between 9.28am and 9.30am.

This time, he is said to have done so to induce the man into confessing that he knew about a second bundle of drugs in the bag.

Court documents did not reveal any information about the outcome of the drug-related case or what happened to the man afterwards.

CNB said Vengedesh has been suspended since last Saturday.

He was offered bail of $15,000 and will be back in court on Nov 1. - THE STRAITS TIMES