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Cockroach crawls into woman's ear, breaks in pieces as she tries to dislodge it

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She felt it wiggling inside her ear. 

A 21-year-old student, who declined to be named, was awakened by the tickling sensation of a cockroach crawling near her ear on Wednesday (July 20). 

She instinctively tried swatting it away, but this backfired horribly and the bug lodged itself deep inside her ear instead. 

“I could feel it wiggling inside and it was so disgusting,” she told TNP.  

Desperate, she rushed to the toilet and flushed her ear with mouthwash, effectively killing the 4cm-long insect. 

But her ordeal was far from over. 

“I tried plucking it out with tweezers but it was deep in so the body broke into parts and the guts and brown shell of the cockroach came out in parts,” she said.

She rushed down to the A&E department at Tan Tock Seng Hospital and was referred to an otorhinolaryngologist. 

While the doctor and his team eventually got the insect’s severed body and feelers out of her ear canal, the halved corpse was so large that she was in a great amount of pain throughout. 

Despite the terrible experience, the woman said her mother, doctors and nurses could not help but laugh at her situation. 

She added that her hearing continued to be muffled for the rest of the day, and she is still on antibacterial ear drops. 

The student had documented parts of her ordeal on video and uploaded it on TikTok – though she has requested TNP not to link the video to this story. 

The video has garnered over 380,000 views, with netizens aptly horrified with what the student had gone through.

"Oh my God, now I'm afraid to sleep at night," a netizen said, while another suggested that the student should "use earbuds while sleeping".

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