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Just a glance and he ends up getting slapped and on TikTok

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The video just shows a girl dancing.

But sharp-eyed viewers can spot something going on in the background.

A couple can be seen walking by.

The guy steals a sideways glance at the dancing girl and his significant other sets him looking straight, slapping his face away.

It happened at a shopping mall in Indonesia, the website Hype reported.

It has attracted thousands of likes and hundreds of comments in the three days since it went up on TikTok.

Among the comments highlighted by the report were these: 

“Fortunately I’m still single. I can look at as many women as I want.”

“Word has it he is currently being treated at a hospital.”

“We can sense World War 3 ensuing after this.”

The couple disappear and it isn’t clear whether the woman was being serious or playful.

Watch the video here:



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