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Constitution amended to let president take global roles in private capacity if in national interest

Singapore's Parliament enacts a groundbreaking law, enabling the president and ministers to engage in international roles independently, in alignment with national interests.

Quick summary: A pivotal moment in Singapore's Parliament - the green light for the president and ministers to embrace international roles individually, provided it aligns with Singapore's interests. Here's what you need to know:

What's the update? Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong is leading this strategic shift. The focus is on empowering Singapore's President to participate in international forums, extending beyond the traditional governmental narrative. This move aims to allow our leader to share personal perspectives within global institutions, a flexibility previously unavailable.

The rationale behind the change? Ministers had the liberty to undertake such roles, but the President was previously restricted. The new constitutional amendment changes this, allowing the President to engage in roles reflecting personal involvement, not solely as the state's representative.

Who does this affect? President Tharman Shanmugaratnam is at the forefront. Holding four prominent international positions from his tenure as Senior Minister, he now continues these roles as President, without financial compensation, maintaining a focus on Singapore's interests.

Government's perspective: DPM Wong emphasised that this move isn't about secondary occupations. It's about enabling the President and ministers to contribute Singapore's perspectives to global dialogues, clearly distinguishing their personal involvement from official duties.

Debate in Parliament? Certainly. MPs raised concerns about potential distractions from domestic responsibilities. DPM Wong, however, reassured that such international engagements are integral to serving Singapore's broader interests.

In conclusion: This law is more than just a schedule adjustment for the President. It's a strategic initiative to amplify Singapore's voice globally. Although passed, the bill faced some opposition, reflecting the intricate balance of integrating local and international interests for Singapore's enhanced global representation.

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