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Couple serves KFC at wedding banquet, bride holds fried chicken bouquet

A bridal bouquet made up of fried chicken – how’s that for an unconventional wedding?

One bride, a KFC fan, got just that when the fast-food chain stepped in to sponsor part of the celebrations for her big day

Ms Wong Liang Le took to Facebook to write about the “KFC-themed wedding of my dreams”, which was held at a ballroom in a SAFRA clubhouse.

She posted two videos – one showing buffet trays full of KFC’s fried chicken and the other of her throwing the memorable bouquet to her friend.

While preparing for her wedding banquet, Ms Wong, 32, who loves eating KFC, had emailed the fried chicken restaurant hoping for a souvenir, reported Shin Min Daily News.

But KFC surprised her by sponsoring half of the wedding food, providing the decor for the couple’s photo backdrop and of course, the one-of-a-kind bouquet. All of which cost about $2,300.

Speaking to the Chinese evening daily, a manager with KFC said that they were touched by Ms Wong’s inspiring story. 

She became a wheelchair user due to a rare spinal condition called spinal artereovenous malformation. That did not stop the bride from setting up a business and getting a double degree in accounting and business law.

Ms Wong even completed the Chartered Accountant Professional Qualifications Course last year.

Plus, she’s a loyal KFC customer.

As it turns out, so is the groom, who was totally on board with the KFC concept because he loves their fried chicken too.

In fact, Mr Xie Peng, 40, told Shin Min that he was only too pleased when Ms Wong suggested the fried chicken restaurant as the venue for their first date. 

That also signalled to him that she was an unpretentious person. 

The couple, who got to know each other through a dating app, realised that they had similar life goals and decided to get married within the same year.


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