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Cranky cabby's reckless driving terrifies woman into throwing up

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Driver unhappy people complained about higher fare for his taxi

She considered herself a rather brave person but her cabby's driving left her feeling terrified. 

The 34-year-old woman, surnamed Wu, told 8world that she arrived at Changi Airport last Friday (June 23) after returning from a business trip to the Philippines. 

At the taxi stand, a staff member at the airport guided her to a black Prime Taxi cab, which usually has higher fares compared to regular taxis. 

Ms Wu agreed to board the vehicle as she did not want to wait for another taxi. 

She said that the cabby, a man in his 50s, looked friendly and even offered to help her with her belongings. 

But his demeanour changed when he saw that her destination was Tampines Street 32, a mere 8km from the airport. 

"He told me that, unlike other taxis, his taxi costs a lot. When I said I was willing to pay more, he replied that I should not complain about the taxi fares.

"He also said Singaporeans like to complain," she told Shin Min Daily News in a separate interview.

According to Prime Taxi's website, the flag-down fare for premium taxis is $4.50, while the flag-down fare for regular taxis is $4.10. 

Ms Wu offered to alight from the vehicle and wait for another taxi, but the cabby said he was merely unhappy with Changi Airport staff for assigning him a local passenger instead of a foreigner. 

But shortly after Ms Wu got in the taxi, the driver began slamming the gas pedal and overtaking other vehicles on the road.

"When he slammed the gas pedal, he would cast a glance at me in the rearview mirror, which made me feel like he was doing it on purpose," she said.

In a video provided by Ms Wu to Shin Min, she could be heard reminding him repeatedly to drive carefully.

"Don't be mad, uncle. It would be dangerous for you to drive while you are angry," she said.

But the taxi driver only retorted, "Do not teach me how to do (my job). (I have done my job) as long as I drop you off at your destination."

Shortly after the 15-minute ride, which cost her $22.80, Ms Wu said she felt dizzy and even vomited. She went to a doctor who prescribed her medication for dizziness. 

Ms Wu also revealed that she had lodged a police report on the matter.

"Even if he was unhappy about his job he shouldn't be driving like that, it's too dangerous.

"What would happen if it wasn't me (on board), but an elderly person or someone with a heart condition?" 

The police confirmed with Shin Min that a report had been lodged. 

Ms Wu said that she would always give her taxi drivers a $10 tip because she knows her home lies in close proximity to the airport, and she understands the difficulties faced by taxi drivers as her father is one too.

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