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Customers frustrated after non-delivery of CNY gift hampers

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Noel Gifts said they're too understaffed to issue prompt replies

Failed to receive or send your Chinese New Year gift hamper last week? Evidently, you’re not alone.

A number of customers have taken to Facebook and Google Reviews to voice their frustration over the non-delivery of their CNY gift hampers from Noel Gifts.

It seems the hampers did not arrive on the stipulated delivery dates earlier this month (January 2023).

According to one Prudy Yeow, she placed an order for a hamper on Dec 26, 2022, for delivery on Jan 15, 2023. However, the hamper did not arrive on the day and remained undelivered as at Jan 18.

There were no calls or text alerts from Noel Gifts about the non-delivery. Yeow said that when she sent WhatsApp messages to Noel Gifts for updates, she did not receive any specific delivery date. Instead, the company simply apologised and said they were experiencing "overwhelming" orders.

Another customer, Louis Liu, said he had placed an order for Jan 9, but was not informed when the delivery failed to arrive on the day. Similarly, Liu has yet to receive any specific answers or dates regarding his delivery.

Another Facebook user, Ang Siu Wei, shared a response that was purportedly from Noel Gifts, stating that it was “facing a high volume of inquiries”.

The company added that it was working to fulfil all CNY orders by Jan 20, with Jan 30 set as the latest date.

The reply also said: "We will include an apology letter to your recipient/s to be accountable for the later delivery."

In response to Mothership's queries, Noel Gifts said that it was facing a lack of delivery personnel and manpower to issue "prompt" responses.

"Moreover, the short runway of CNY with the unfavourable weather has further hindered our delivery efficiency," Noel Gifts added.

Noel Gifts further said: "We have taken proactive steps to ease the other issues that have arisen and are getting back to our customers as fast as possible. We seek their kind understanding as we need time to reply to each customer on a case-by-case basis.

“Once again, we are sorry for any inconvenience caused."

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