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Delivery rider unapologetic after knocking down two-year-old boy; mum posts her pics on social media

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When her two-year-old son was knocked over by a delivery rider on a personal mobility device (PMD), a mother was incensed to find the rider unapologetic.

Speaking to Shin Min Daily News, the mother, referred to as Sue, said she was on the way home with her son at about 6.15pm on Thursday (May 4), along Bukit Batok Ave 8.

"My son was walking in front of me while I followed behind," said the 35-year-old. 

"I heard a noise behind me, and just as I turned my head, the delivery rider passed me and collided with my son.”

Sue rushed to comfort the boy, and said the female rider made a remark that the accident was her son’s fault for “not walking properly”. 

The woman did not appear to care about her son's injury and left without apologising, she added.

As her son is only two years old, Sue said he may not always have good balance while walking – but since they were on a pavement, the delivery rider should have at least slowed down.

Her son suffered a cut on his nose as a result of the accident and could not stop crying.

"Although he seems fine now, he still has lingering fears and needs us to comfort him," said Sue.

She is also worried the injury will leave a permanent scar.

Rider Apologises

Incensed by the rider's behaviour and attitude, Sue posted about the incident on social media. 

Shortly after, netizens began providing Sue with information on the rider, including her photos. 

That night, the rider contacted her and requested for the post to be taken down.

"But my husband insisted that she apologise to us in person," Sue said.

When she took her son to the doctor’s the next day, the rider turned up at the clinic to apologise. She also handed Sue $130 for the medical bill.

Sue, in return, agreed to delete her social media post.