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Chinese model Jessica Du loses left hand in accident

Chinese model Jessica Du on Dec 28 shared on Instagram that she had lost her left hand in an accident.

The 35-year-old put on a brave front and wrote that she would get an AI-enabled prosthetic hand that would allow her to experience a "human-machine symbiosis" and become a cyborg.

She also shared a photo of herself kissing her bandaged stump, with the caption: "Thank you for your 35 years of companionship."

Du, who often posted photos of herself free diving or skydiving, shared that the accident had nothing to do with sports. She admitted that she initially had trouble accepting the situation and even wished for death. 

After the amputation surgery five days after the accident, Du started to embrace her situation and researched bionic prosthetics. But she asked to be given more time to share more details about the accident.

"The phantom limb pain is the hardest. Although my hand is gone, I can still feel the pain, as if my fingers are being pricked."