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Ditch the towel and use a T-shirt to dry your hair

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How much hair loss is too much? You lose 100 hairs a day, give or take.

Now, 100 hairs doesn't sound like a lot, but shed a teensy bit more and you'll start to approach the tipping point of no return. Goodbye hair, hello weaves.

So, when should you really begin to bother about the prospect of possible baldness? Professor Bruno Bernard, manager for L'Oreal Hair Biology, cautions that if you spot stray strands on your pillow, the odds are good (or is that bad?) that you're hanging by a hair.

He said: "Applying excessive pressure with a damp brush or constantly pulling your hair into a tight ponytail are two of the most common causes of hair fall."

Instead of reaching for your regular bath towel to dry your tresses, grab a T-shirt to blot your hair.

Here's why "tee-drying" your hair trumps towel-drying. A bath towel's fuzzy fibres are superb for sloughing off dead skin and wicking water off your face and body. However, the friction created by those very same fibres can result in frizz and split ends.

The solution to your towel trouble? A soft cotton T-shirt's tightly woven "grain" wicks away water without aggravating hair cuticles.

This article is adapted from Her World Plus