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Employer cancels interview after intern asks for virtual meeting, labels her 'entitled'

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He posts rant on Facebook, but netizens quickly shut him down

A Facebook user has drawn criticism over a post where he flames a prospective intern after she requests for a virtual job interview – to which he decides to cancel the interview altogether. 

In his post, the user, Jeffrey Koh, then calls her an “entitled Singaporean” and one whom he rather not hire over “hungry and hardworking” foreigners.

“Call me a boomer but I seriously think our future is f****d,” he wrote in his post last Thursday (Sept 15).

“Sarah is the very reason why I absolutely welcome foreigners who are hungry and hardworking to work here. F*** all these rules and laws protecting entitled Singaporeans,” he added.

Koh wrote that Sarah shot him an e-mail asking if they were still hiring after she ghosted him months before. She claimed that her current internship was having “legal issues” and had a “toxic culture” after just one day on the job.

He told her to come down for a chat, which she initially agreed to but, 19 minutes later, asked if they could hold the interview virtually instead. 

Koh didn’t ask her why and cancelled the interview, wishing her “all the best”. 

The post has garnered close to 500 comments, with the majority in defence of the intern.  

Many argued that Koh’s work culture was also “toxic” and that Sarah “dodged a bullet.”

“She asked politely and you could have just replied professionally. Don’t see how your working environment is not toxic when you reply like that,” one commenter said.

“Being flexible and forward does not translate to a lack of enthusiasm,” another wrote.

Kok did have a few supporters, however, who agreed that the intern didn’t seem to want the job enough.

“If someone was dead serious about interning with your agency that person will make it a point to go down to your office for an interview, you don’t need to stoop to their level of entitlement,” one comment read.

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