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Family bids farewell to 105-year-old matriach

Perhaps it is true that our forefathers were built differently. 

Madam Ang Yin Chuan is remembered by five generations of descendants as a "strong woman".

She was 105 years old when she died on May 3. Madam Ang, who lived through World War II, is survived by 98 family members.

Her granddaughter, 56-year-old financial manager Chen Qinghua, told Shin Min Daily News that her grandparents were farmers who lived in Jurong. The couple had three sons and six daughters.

Ms Chen recalls her grandmother taking care of farming duties on top of caring for the family when her grandfather fell ill.

"Growing up, we thought our grandparents had reverse roles and that our grandpa was a lucky man. But we also realised it must had been tough for them," Ms Chen told the Chinese daily.

According to Ms Chen, Madam Ang was independent. She had chosen to live alone after the death of her husband about 20 years ago and agreed to let the family hire a maid for her only when she turned 100.

"When my grandmother was 99 years old, she fell down at home," Ms Chen recounted.

"Since then, her body became weak and her movements slowed down. We were worried and hired a maid to take care of her."

When asked the key to Madam Ang's long life, her family members guessed it was the simplicity of her life – she went to bed and got up early, drank tea at noon, cooked her own meals and avoided canned food.