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Family sues American Club over shattered glass door

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Teen injured by shards as she was about to shower in American Club

A teenager about to take a shower at the American Club was injured by glass shards when the glass door shattered.

This happened four months after the shower facility had been constructed and handed over to the club in Scotts Road.

The family of the teenage girl, whose arms and legs were cut, is now suing the club for damages, alleging negligence and breach of duty of care.

The club, when contacted by The Straits Times, confirmed last week that the family of a member has started legal proceedings in the State Courts over an incident at the club on July 5 last year.

"The club's insurer has taken over conduct of the suit, and the club has been advised not to comment any further on the case as it is an ongoing legal action," added the spokesman.

The club advanced a $20,000 payment last December towards the teen's medical expenses, on a without-prejudice basis and with no admission of liability.

The morning incident occurred as the girl was about to shower.

The glass shattered as she slid the door shut, causing the injuries. She had treatment at Gleneagles Hospital. The shock also led to post-traumatic stress disorder requiring psychiatric consultation.

In court documents filed by her family's lawyer in December, the victim alleges the injuries were caused by the club's breach of duty of care for failing to ensure the premises were safe.

The family is seeking general damages to be assessed by the court for pain and suffering arising from the physical and mental injuries as evidenced by various medical reports.

She is claiming special damages of $65,500, which includes a $29,900 hospital bill and other treatment costs as well as aesthetic surgery expenses.

Civil suit claims filed in the State Courts are for sums of up to $250,000.

The club is contesting the claims, pointing out the shower facility was constructed by its authorised main contractor, Shimizu Corp, and Shimizu's subcontractors based on specifications, and was duly certified by appointed project management consultants Aedas before the club took over it.

The shower facility was opened for use on March 19 last year, about four months before the incident took place.

The defence alleged that even if the club was liable, which it denies, the girl may have caused or contributed to the incident in failing to use the facility and door in a reasonable manner.

But the girl's lawyer countered that a considerable amount of force had to be applied to shut the glass door and alleged that the club failed to ensure the glass material complied with industry standards.

A preliminary assessment hearing was held in the State Courts last month.