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Fan owner demands $5,000 compensation after goodwill replacement

The closed-circuit television footage shows a living room filled with toys and a baby seat by the window. All is quiet except for the whirring of what might be the ceiling fan.

Suddenly, there is clanking noise and pieces of what look like black plastic and a ceiling fan blade rained down from the ceiling. The long piece hit the photo frame sitting on the side cabinet before bouncing onto the sofa.

Netizen Sandy Ong shared the video of the "harrowing experience" in Facebook group SG Renovation, along with photos of the broken pieces and what was left of the ceiling fan after the incident.

She explained that the fan, a PO Eco Fan EX Gale, was four-years-old.

In response to the complaint and Ms Ong's claim to a $5,000 compensation, Point One Technology co-founder JY Lim and sales in-charge BC shared in a Facebook video how the fan in Ms Ong's living room was not installed accordingly.

Following the incident that happened on Nov 27 at 11.30am, Point One Technology arranged for follow-up services at 2pm on the same day.

This despite the fact that the fan was bought from and installed by a third party.

A Point One Technology technician discovered that the third-party installer used only two screws to secure the fan blades instead of the four as stated in the installation manual. But the company still installed a new fan for Ms Ong out of goodwill.

However, on Dec 5, she demanded a $5,000 compensation for damages.

The company, in its explanation video, stressed that it would be more than willing to pay the compensation had the fan been bought directly from its shop and installed by its own personnel.

But since Ms Ong's fan was bought from and installed by a third party, the company had already gone the extra mile in replacing her broken fan with a new model with an extended warranty.

Netizens commenting on Ms Ong's post said it was unfair for her to hold the company responsible when she had got her fan from a third party.