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Haidilao cancels grades-based discounts for PSLE pupils

Hotpot chain Haidilao on Monday offered tiered discounts based on a child’s performance in the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE), but appeared to change its mind later that day.

Later the same day, the restaurant extended the offer to all children receiving their PSLE results, which were released from 11am on Wednesday.

Social media users were quick to notice the shift, saying grades should not matter.

In a response to Haidilao’s Facebook post, a user named JC Manics said: “Yes thank you for updating this and not discriminate! Let’s teach our children that their grades do not define them.”

Instagram user @chermerfer commented that there should be no discrimination based on PSLE scores. “Every kid should celebrate the hard work they have put in over the months regardless of (their) results.”

In the restaurant’s first post on Monday, which has been taken down, the chain said pupils who get Achievement Level scores of between 4 and 7 will receive a $30 discount.

Those who attain scores of 8 to 11 will get a $20 discount, and pupils with a 12 to 20 score will get a $10 discount, according to the previous post. PSLE scores can range from 4 to 32.

But later that day, Haidilao removed the tiered discounts, which were posted on its Facebook and Instagram accounts. The original post was also published on an AllSGPromo webpage at https://str.sg/pslehdl

The updated social media post on Monday night read: “We ought to call for a celebration for all children(‘s) hard work, regardless of PSLE scores! Parents who have received their children‘s PSLE results on 23 November 2022, you may bring your children to dine at City Square Haidilao outlet.

“Simply show the staff the PSLE score and enjoy $30 discount off.”

The PSLE discounts are offered at the chain’s City Square outlet, with a minimum spend of $150. The promotion is not valid for set meals or with other discounts.

Haidilao added in its post that the promotion is offered for a limited period from Monday to Thursday.

The Straits Times has contacted Haidilao regarding the change in its stance.