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Homeowner cries over golden 'throne' tarnished by bleach

In the Middle Ages, only the king would have access to a private toilet – hence the toilet bowl's nickname: "throne".

And perhaps in a bid to have her toilet bowl live up to its nickname, Singapore homeowner Sonia Lim has hers in shiny gold.

This is definitely an injection of luxury into a basic necessity, so it is understandable that Ms Lim is upset that her golden toilet bowl is now tarnished.

She shared in Facebook group Singapore Home DIY that her "cleaner used bleach", causing the bowl to have white streaks that could not be washed off.

The Facebook group is where local netizens exchange home improvement ideas to help one another.

Ms Lim's post has attracted almost 400 comments but most of them are unhelpful.

Other than netizens expressing their awe at seeing a golden toilet bowl, there were plenty of toilet humour swirling around in the comment thread.

The most helpful – albeit too late – comment was an answer from ChatGPT: "Stop using bleach or any harsh chemical cleaners on the gold plating."

Ms Lim later revealed in her replies to comments that she tried spray-painting the toilet bowl but it could not restore it to its former glory, so she was simply going to get it replaced.

The toilet bowl was ceramic with gold plating, so the white streaks were not residue that could be removed but the result of the bleach corroding the plating.