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'I can't give up': Stroke survivor says he has to work as delivery rider to support three daughters

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This 55-year-old single father hasn’t had it easy. 

At 21, he was involved in a car accident that injured him severely. A decade later, he suffered a stroke. 

Because of those two incidents, the man, surnamed Du, has had to rely on a motorised wheelchair to get around, reported 8world

But the disability hasn’t stopped him from working as a full-time food delivery rider to provide for his three children. 

Du’s wife died 12 years ago, and at the time, he was forced to sell his home as he couldn't afford the monthly payments. He was homeless for a year-and-a-half while his three daughters were sent to stay with their aunt. 

His eldest daughter is now 23, and he has a pair of twins aged 21.

"I've been working every day without rest. I don't dare rest because of my three daughters. I can't give up," Du said, adding that he secretly deposits money into his daughters' bank accounts every month. 

Du said he initially struggled to do deliveries because of his mobility issues. For now, he only operates near his Marine Parade home.

He depended on his friends to help him learn the ropes about the food delivery business, especially on how to use the apps.

"When I receive an order but I don't know where the location is, I will take a screenshot and send it to my friend for help. Because it is in English.” 

"Sometimes, when there are too many things to carry up to the customer's house, I have to make two trips. Because I can't hold things (one of his hands has no strength, he explained).

"But I don't feel bitter, and time passes quickly. My wheelchair has an umbrella so I can go where I need to if it rains. 

"The more I work, the happier I am. I deliver food every day, I eat with my colleagues after work, and sometimes, I call my daughters when I miss them."

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