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Jail for ex-nurse who stole bank cards from patients

A Woodlands Health nurse stole patients’ bank cards at his then workplace and used them to buy online games, among other things.

Muhammad Ilyas Mohamed Noor, 23, committed the offences at Ng Teng Fong General Hospital (NTFGH), where he was deployed, causing more than $11,600 in losses to his victims. He has since made full restitution.

The former nurse stopped offending only after he was called up for an interview with the police in late November 2022, said the prosecution, adding: “The accused stated he was grateful that he was arrested as it had stopped him, and things could have been worse.”

On March 4, Ilyas pleaded guilty to eight charges, including cheating, and was sentenced to 32 weeks’ jail. Another 14 charges were considered during sentencing.

He was taking care of patients in a ward at NTFGH on or around Sept 7, 2022, when a 69-year-old male patient was taken away for a surgical operation.

Ilyas helped himself to the patient’s mobile phone and bank card, which had been placed in a locker. He then used the phone to obtain a one-time PIN before linking the bank card details to platforms including his own digital wallet.

On at least 22 occasions, Ilyas committed offences under the Computer Misuse Act by using the details of the card to obtain services from various businesses that amounted to nearly $460. They included purchases for online games.

Ilyas also used the card on at least 11 occasions at places such as shops to perform transactions involving nearly $220 in total. The shops included a convenience store and a fast-food outlet.

The victim reported that he heard somebody meddling with his locker on or around Sept 8, 2022, after he returned from his operation.

However, he was unable to take a look at what that person was doing as he was feeling drowsy after the surgery, said Deputy Public Prosecutor Eugene Phua.

The victim later checked his belongings but found nothing missing, as Ilyas had managed to returned both the bank card and mobile phone.

The victim eventually made a police report on Sept 17, 2022, after he realised that somebody had made multiple unauthorised transactions linked to his bank account.

About two months later, Ilyas committed similar offences involving another $1,000, after he targeted a second patient at NTFGH, a 38-year-old Bangladeshi man.

This time, he used the victim’s bank card details to top up his own digital wallet with $1,000.

The victim later found out about the unauthorised transaction and alerted the police on Nov 9, 2022.

Ilyas also targeted at least two other victims. He caused losses totalling more than $11,600 to all his victims.

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