Last suspect in Chinatown brawl charged with rioting

This article is more than 12 months old

The last suspect involved in a riot that left a man injured in a pool of blood at a Chinatown apartment block earlier this month was charged yesterday.

Muhammad Syukri Muhammad Iskandar, 22, was arrested on Monday.

He is charged with one count of rioting while armed with a deadly weapon.

Syukri is alleged to have gathered with four men - Muhammad Farid Surian, Noor Najat Alwi, Muhammad Roslan Mohamed Rumli and Muhammad Ilham Noordin - to cause hurt to five other men on May 10. Farid, Noor, Roslan and Ilham have also been charged with rioting.

The members of the other group are said to be Mr Muhammed Shazryl Hykel Abdullah, Mr Muhamad Afiq Hilmi Mohamed Azmi, Mr Mohammad Zunnur Haq Abdullah, Mr Muhammad Syafie Abdul Razak and Mr Muhammad Fadli Ahnaf Tan.


A video of the incident, which was captured on closed-circuit television, shows two groups of people clashing in a corridor on level 16 of the People's Park Centre apartment block in Upper Cross Street.

In the footage, a group of armed men attacked 19-year-old Mr Shazryl Hykel and his friends.

Two of his friends fled while he and another friend were kicked, punched and hit with motorcycle helmets.

Mr Shazryl Hykel was also slashed by at least three parang-wielding men until he collapsed.

The attackers then fled, with one of them dragging a woman away with them.

The police arrested three people at the scene the same day, including Mr Shazryl Hykel. - THE STRAITS TIMES