Man arrested for using criminal force on policeman at Lavender MRT station

This article is more than 12 months old

A 52-year-old man was arrested at Lavender MRT station on Saturday afternoon for using criminal force on a policeman.

He had refused to cooperate when three police officers, who were on a routine patrol, requested for his particulars. He then pushed one of the officers.

In a video posted by Facebook user Justin Lee, the three officers could be seen subduing the man, who shouted in Mandarin that he wanted to call the police. He also demanded they pass him his bag.

Mr Lee had just collected his passport from the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority building, when he saw the incident. The account manager said the officers had approached the man and "very politely" asked for his identification card.

"But the uncle got agitated and started shouting 'I pay taxes' in Mandarin, along with a lot of vulgarities."

When one officer tried to take the card from him, he pushed the officer away and shouted "robbery". - FABIAN KOH