Man jailed after properties he rented were used as brothels

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He rented 21 places on behalf of others who told him units would be used to house foreign students or workers

A 49-year-old man rented 21 properties under his name on behalf of other individuals after they told him the units would be used to house foreign students or workers.

It turned out that 13 of the units were used as brothels. One other unit used for gambling-related activities.

Bernard Que Doh Bing, 49, pleaded guilty yesterday to five charges related to deceiving various property owners into leasing their units to him.

He was sentenced to 45 weeks' jail and a fine of $10,750.

Seven other similar charges were taken into consideration during sentencing by District Judge Marvin Bay.

The judge noted that Que had continued to rent units even after he became aware they were used for prostitution purposes.

Court documents state that Que entered into lease agreements for the 21 properties between July 2018 and June last year.

Four of the units, including one in Kim Keat Road, near Whampoa, were rented on behalf of a man named "Fang Yun" whom he met in Johor Baru in February 2018.

Fang Yun had told Que then that the properties were to be used as residences for foreign students, and that he would be paid about $500 in commission a month for each unit he rented.

The court heard that Que gave the owners of each unit a different reason for renting the property, such as using it as a home office for his "electronic parts" business or as a place to stay.

He even asked the owners of one unit to provide a bed for his father, who he claimed would be discharged from hospital soon and would be staying at the property with him.

Que received about $10,800 in commission fees from Fang Yun for renting the four units, which were eventually found to be used as brothels.


According to court documents, he rented the remaining 17 properties on behalf of two individuals who he claimed were loan sharks he owed money to.

He also claimed the loan sharks told him the units would be used as worker dormitories and that they would deduct a sum from his debt for each unit he rented on their behalf.

One of the units, located in a building at Lorong 33 Geylang, was eventually discovered to be used for gambling-related activities.

Court documents did not state details of how Que secured the lease for the other properties or which ones were also found to be used as brothels.

The judge granted Que's request to defer his jail sentence - so that Que can take care of his father who is to undergo an operation next month - and ordered him to surrender himself in court on Sept 30.

For each of his offences, Que could have been jailed for up to 10 years and fined.