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Man proud of daughter who saved lizard trapped in mesh

All creatures great and small, it was God that made them all.

A girl saved a little lizard trapped in a wire mesh at Kranji War Memorial on Nov 21.

Her proud father Sunnie Chow shared her good deed in the Facebook group Singapore Wildlife Sightings on Nov 22.

He wrote: “I was very proud of my daughter yesterday who shared with me how she helped save a small wildlife from what was a certain painful, slow death.”

Mr Chow said his daughter initially thought it looked like a small frog sitting on a wire mesh covering a pipe. 

“But on closer inspection, (it) was a gecko or lizard, trapped in a hole, impaled upon the many metal wire spikes in the mesh,” said Mr Chow.

His daughter carefully removed it from the metal mesh and placed it in the nearby bushes.

“Hopefully, it will recover fully,” said the father.

One netizen commented that he was impressed that the girl had a small tool to cut the mesh to free the creature.

Mr Chow replied: “It’s a nifty survival tool disguised as a key that I gifted her. Both of us have it with us all the time as we believe we should always ‘be prepared’.”

Another netizen said about the Facebook post: “Glad not to see a picture of dead wildlife.”

The proud father replied: “If she had gotten there later, you might have seen a dead lizard image posted instead!”