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Mark Richmond meets friends before leaving for Orlando

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Sports commentator and former radio DJ Mark Richmond has spent the past month bidding farewell to his friends in Singapore before leaving for Orlando, Florida.

His wife, Singaporean actress-director Beatrice Chia, 49, and their son, Sol Richmond, 16, have been living in Orlando since the middle of 2022.

Sol Richmond made the decision to move to the United States to pursue his dream of becoming a professional golfer. While still studying in school, he is also doing daily training at a golf academy.

In his Instagram post on Wednesday, Mark Richmond, 52, shared a number of gathering photos and wrote: “Spent my last month in Singapore meeting with loads of friends. Some I even forgot to take a pic with. Thank you for the memories.”

He added: “When I see the Singapore flag, it’s not just red, white, crescent and stars. These are some of the faces I see and remember having spent my whole life here. These are the people who I care about and know me well enough to understand I need to leave because my heart, my crescent and stars are in Orlando.”

His last photo in the series is one of him with his wife of 17 years and their son, reunited on what appeared to be a golf course.

He had previously shared a Christmas photo in December 2022 of the three of them in Singapore and wrote: “My wife gave me the best Christmas present this year by bringing herself and my son home. Putting to an end five months of misery and missing pieces in my life.”

In his latest post, he added: “Inspired by the courage of @sol_richmond and fuelled by the undying love of @bearichmond, I leave to fill my heart up. It will be an adventure. I don’t know what it holds or whether I’ll survive. But if I make as many pals with hearts of gold like the ones I’ve made here, I know I’ll be alright. Goodbye SG. Till we meet again…”


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