More wet weather, with temperatures dipping to 22 deg C this month

Expect more wet weather with temperatures dipping to 22 deg C on a few days in the first half of this month, said the weatherman on Tuesday.

The Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS) said showers are forecast on most days in the next two weeks from prevailing north-east monsoon conditions.

Daily temperatures will mostly range between 24 deg C and 33 deg C, and could hit 34 deg C on one or two days.

December is typically the wettest month of the year.

These showers are expected over parts of the island in the afternoons, but may extend to the evenings.

On a few days, intense thundery rain will be widespread from the convergence of winds over Singapore and the surrounding region. Stronger winds can be expected in the second week of this month.

MSS said last month was the second-coolest November in the past decade, with a monthly mean temperature of 27.2 deg C.

Rainfall was also higher for most parts of the island, with the highest anomaly of 78 per cent above average recorded in Paya Lebar.

Heavy rain led to flash floods and fallen trees in parts of Singapore on Nov 2. The highest daily total rainfall for the month was recorded at 134.2mm in Paya Lebar on the same day, said MSS.

Water levels in drains and canals across Singapore triggered flood warnings for 12 locations on Nov 22.

MSS said these intense showers could be attributed to strong solar heating of land areas as well as the large-scale convergence of winds over Singapore.

While La Nina conditions may have influenced rainfall, MSS said other factors such as monsoonal and local wind conditions were more significant.

There were also a few warm days last month, mainly in the first fortnight of the month. The highest daily temperature of 34.9 deg C was recorded in Clementi on Nov 5 and Paya Lebar on Nov 12.