Must-dos when going to shops

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Professor Paul Tambyah from the department of medicine at the National University of Singapore's Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine said studies show that gloves can carry germs longer than our hands do.

This is because our hands have natural antibacterial oils that allow us to remove germs more easily after repeated sanitising.

Gloves do not have these natural defences and so could allow biofilm-forming microbes such as bacteria and viruses to stick to them.

Shoppers should instead make it a practice to clean their hands as frequently as possible. And they should also remember to keep their hands off their faces.

Must-dos when going to shops

Must-dos when going to shops

Wear a mask correctly by ensuring that it is not loose and that your nose is not exposed

Wash your hands with soap as frequently as possible

Dr John Cheng, head of primary care at Healthway Medical, said it is good practice for shoppers to wash their hands as soon as they return home from their grocery runs.

Must-dos when going to shops

Shoppers should also bring their own bottle of hand sanitiser

Refrain from touching your face

Infectious diseases expert Leong Hoe Nam suggests that people who cannot stop touching their face should wear a face shield.

Avoid peak hours when it is more crowded and try to limit grocery runs to once a week if possible.

Shoppers are advised not to wear gloves.