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Netizens blame tray-return policy after man shares video of birds eating from food trolley

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A video of birds pecking away at leftover food at Teban Gardens Market and Food Centre has sparked some netizens to cry foul at the tray-return policy implemented at certain food outlets.

TikTok user Toh Hong Chua uploaded the video on Saturday (Mar 4), showing several birds having a feast at the tray return area, prompting criticism of the ruling -- which kicked in last year -- as well as cleaners who "weren't doing their work." 

When questioned by AsiaOne about the video, Mr Toh said that contrary to popular belief, he viewed the incident to be “very natural”. 

“Those leftovers are unwanted by us; [the] birds are helping us to clear [the food],” he added.




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But many in the comments held a different view. 

One, for instance, saw the incident as a shortcoming of the tray-return policy. 

Said the netizen: “Send this video to NEA (for) making it compulsory for consumers to return trays.”

Others, though, felt that it was the responsibility of cleaners to clear the trays at the station. 

“This happens in many places. The cleaners not doing their work,” said one user. 

A few others noted how such incidents are commonplace in several hawker centres, and voiced concerns about hygiene. 

One user claimed that returning trays to stations without cleaners on hand risks the “spread of germ and bacterial transmission through birds”. 

Mr Toh, however, said he did not share the video to blame the cleaners. 

“I would like to make it clear that I took the video not to complain or [express unhappiness] with anyone.”

He also said that he wished people in the comments would not blame cleaners, as he saw them “busy cleaning” while he was having his breakfast. 

He added: “[Teban Gardens Market and Food Centre] is one of the cleanest hawker centres I've patronised. I will continue to patronise [it].”

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