Not just a pro-rape advocate: Here are other horrible things Roosh V has said

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Following severe backlash on several online sites, pro-rape advocate and self-proclaimed neo-masculinist  Daryush Valizadeh, more commonly known as Roosh V, cancelled a series of meetings planned for cities all around the world.

He said that he could "no longer guarantee the safety or privacy of the men who want to attend".

These meetings that were meant to take place on Saturday (Feb 6) were to discuss Roosh V's "neomasculinist" views.

Like-minded members were supposed to have met at Fort Canning Park in Singapore, which was one of 165 meeting spots worldwide.

The Singapore Police Force has since said that they "are aware of the online posting to hold meetings in a number of cities".

The police spokesman also pointed out that organising or taking part in a public assembly without a police permit is illegal and such a meeting would constitute an offence under the Public Order Act.

The 36-year-old American has faced severe backlash over these meetings as well as his views that are often published on his blog.

The son of immigrant parents from Armenia and Iran, he graduated with a degree in microbiology and worked as an industrial microbiologist.

He first started an anonymous blog called DC Bachelor while working, giving tips on picking up girls and seduction techniques.

After six years, he quit his job and started Return of Kings under his name.

Here are other things you should know about him and his blog.

1. Roosh V, the neo-masculinist?



Sioux Falls in South Dakota. The violent waters didn't phase me.

A photo posted by Roosh V (@kingroosh) on Jan 14, 2016 at 8:26pm PST


There are many movements worldwide pushing forward important causes. Feminism and Black Lives Matters are just two of them making strides in the world.

And then there is the neo-masculinist movement. It is interested in perpetuating the attitude that men and women would never be and should not be equals.

His group, the Return of Kings, advocates the anti-women agenda, which believes that men are superior to women. It also believes that women are being oppressed by feminism.

This group has 12,817 fans currently and boasts fans from many countries worldwide including Australia, Bahamas, and Finland. (as of Feb 4).

2. What does Roosh V feel about rape?

In a blog post last February, Roosh V wrote about the solution he had in mind on how to stop rape.

He proposed that rape should be "(made) legal if done on private property." He said: "I propose that we make the violent taking of a woman not punishable by law when done off public grounds."

The article was widely slammed. He then insisted that the article was meant to be satirical.

3. How does Return of Kings feel about feminist-friendly movies like Mad Max: Fury Road?



Unsurprisingly, they quickly denounced the movie, which also attracted widespread media attention criticising the post.

The writer of the post, Aaron Clarey, wrote: "The real issue is not whether feminism has infiltrated and co-opted Hollywood, ruining nearly every potentially-good action flick with a forced female character... to eek out that extra 3 million in female attendees."

4. Singaporean men are weak?

Singapore men who were thinking of heading to the meet-up on Saturday (Feb 6) may want to know what the group think of you.

In a post directed specifically at Singaporean men, the writer Justin Puck wrote: "For Singaporean men, the decades of safety and comfort have produced outwardly apprehensive, barely masculine men whose umbilical cords are never completely cut."

5. Roosh V does not respect nor care about women at all

About women, he wrote: "Because I learned early on that talking to a girl about her problems or issues is the fastest way out of her pants, it's become habit for me to simply nod or say 'That sucks' when a girl has a genuine problem, even one that I can help solve. I have no desire to help a girl out with her life, and I don't care if she falls flat on her face."

6. He believes that men should make decisions for men

Why? Roosh V said: "The reason that women had their behaviour limited was for the simple reason that they are significantly less rational than men, in a way that impaired their ability to make good decisions concerning the future."

Source: Return of Kings, Roosh V

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