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Pair of corgis travel in style aboard SIA's business class, get celebrity treatment as well

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Travelling on Business Class aboard a Singapore Airlines flight is something many of us haven’t yet had the pleasure to experience. 

But not Mindy and Peanut – two corgis who enjoyed the comfort of the luxurious business class cabin while flying from San Francisco to Singapore recently.

If that wasn’t enough, the two dogs were also given "celebrity treatment" by the flight crew.

The incident was detailed on Facebook by their owner, Tommy Suriwong. "We relocated from the Bay Area to Thailand (and) had to bring our dogs on a one-way ride to Thailand with us," he wrote in the post.

The long journey included a flight from San Francisco to Singapore — a roughly 17-hour flight.

Fortunately, both dogs were seated comfortably with their owners in business class.

Suriwong said the dogs were well-behaved and "mostly just slept and cuddled".

While pets are generally not allowed in SIA’s flight cabin, assistance and emotional support dogs – such as Mindy and Peanut – are exceptions. According to Mothership, additional seats were not purchased for them.

To get them acclimatised to flight conditions, Suriwong and his partner had them listen to aeroplane sounds on YouTube a few nights before the flight.

They also took the pair to the airport a few weeks before the flight to meet the ground crew.

"Totally worked!" he said. "The dogs got the celebrity treatment, with the ground crew taking selfies with them and giving them lots of cuddles and pats."

The couple also fed them gabapentin – a medication for anxiety in dogs – at regular intervals.

"We timed it perfectly so they’d fall asleep right as we were about to take off and land," he explained.

Lucky dogs. 

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