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Parliamentary committee recommends changes to procedures

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A parliamentary committee spelt out the procedures the House will follow to override the president, in a report released yesterday.

These procedures, which flesh out changes to the elected presidency passed last year, will kick in if the president goes against the advice of the majority of the Council of Presidential Advisers (CPA) and exercises his veto power.

Parliament can override such a veto with a two-thirds majority.

The president's grounds and the council's recommendation should be made available to Parliament at least two clear days before a motion is moved to overrule the president.

This gives MPs time to study the president's reasons for using his veto as well as the CPA's advice.

The two-day period was one of various recommendations made by a panel of MPs who reviewed changes to the rules that govern parliamentary proceedings and conduct, or Standing Orders.

The Government will move a motion to adopt the recommendations when Parliament sits on May 8. - THE STRAITS TIMES


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