PUB takes action against contractor responsible 
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PUB takes action against contractor responsible 
for Upper Thomson flood

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Singapore's national water agency PUB will take action against a contractor for carrying out unapproved drainage works at Upper Thomson.

The unauthorised drainage diversions led to flooding last month that cost businesses thousands of dollars.

PUB investigations showed that the contractor, Sato Kogyo, had constructed an undersized temporary diversion drain at the Upper Thomson MRT station construction site.

The contractor failed to inform PUB before constructing the drain, PUB said in a press release yesterday.

Upper Thomson Road was flooded on Christmas Eve last year after a heavy downpour.

The drain at the construction site was choked, leading to a flash flood.

Eight businesses there were affected by the flood, The New Paper reported last month.

PUB said it would be taking action against Sato Kogyo under the Sewerage and Drainage Act and has also instructed the contractor to carry out rectification works to improve drainage in the area.

It said in a release: "Contractors must seek approval from PUB and notify PUB before carrying out any works affecting the stormwater drainage systems within and near their construction sites to ensure that these do not affect the functioning of the public drainage system.

"They must not construct, alter, discontinue or close up any stormwater drain without approval from PUB.

"PUB takes a serious view of unauthorised works on the public drainage system."

Contractors who carry out works that affect the public drainage system can be fined up to $50,000, and up to $20,000 for unauthorised alteration of the system.


The Roti Prata House, one of the businesses affected, lost about $15,000.

Mr Syed Ridzwan, 39, a waiter at the eatery, told TNP that they had to repair three chillers.

He said: "We don't get any benefit from PUB fining the contractor. We already suffered the losses, and we spent $2,000 repairing the three chillers."

Udders, an ice cream parlour, was also affected.

The director of Udders, Miss Wong Peck Lin, told TNP: "Our first concern is that it should not happen again because it was a disruption of business. We're trusting that the people in charge will ensure that the drainage will be cleared."

She added that its estimated loss was $3,000, including damaged products and lost business.

— Additional reporting by Isabelle Liew