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Retrenched employee raids office pantry before leaving

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After being laid off from his job recently, a man decided to return the “favour” – by raiding the company’s pantry. 

In an initial video uploaded to TikTok on Friday (March 24), the man shares with his mother about his retrenchment from jobs portal firm Indeed. 

The US-headquartered company laid off more than 200 Singapore-based employees on Wednesday (March 22), in a move to cut its global workforce by 15 per cent, according to The Business Times

In a follow-up video, the man films himself taking some snacks from a well-stocked pantry, which contains a variety of refreshments including Hello Panda cookies and different brands of potato chips, before walking out of the office. 

He then reveals his “snack haul” – a massive bag filled to the brim with an assortment of snacks. this post was sponsored by indeed! find your dream job on indeed today! #layoffs #fired #indeedsingapore #indeed ♬ original sound - Larry | Sotravel Replying to @Jess ✨ maybe this can be the start of my mukbang career #layoffs #indeedsingapore #fired ♬ Sneaky Snitch ctto - giles ?

Many in the comments, though, felt he had not taken enough goods from the pantry. 

One user said: “What they gonna do? Fire you? Take more!”

“Should have taken more. I took a whole box when I left Grab,” another shared. 

Others who previously worked for the company also shared about their experience getting laid off. 


While some others commiserated with him, the man said he had secured a full-time position at a local touring group.

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