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Security guard yells at delivery rider during parking dispute outside fire station

An Aetos security officer was filmed yelling at a woman for parking her motorcycle outside Bukit Batok Fire Station on Tuesday (July 25). 

The contributor, who shared the video to SGFollowsAll Instagram page, said the woman is his fiancee's mum, a delivery rider, who parked on the premises in the course of her job. 

In the clip, the woman can be heard asking the security officer, "Where do you want me to park?"

The Aetos employee appears angry and yells something indecipherable at her while gesturing that she should leave.

The contributor wrote in his post: "She is still a new rider, as can be seen from the P-plate on her bike. So she is unfamiliar with where she can or cannot park."

"Even if she was wrong to park there, does it give him the right to be rude when talking to a fellow member of the public?” he wrote, adding that the woman was distraught after the incident and "cried to the point of almost ventilating". 


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In the comments, netizens criticised the security officer for his behaviour, calling him "unprofessional".

However, one Instagram user attempted to preface the incident, saying they witnessed the dispute. The person said that when the security officer first approached the woman, he wasn't shouting.

The passer-by added: "The bike was blocking traffic, and she refused to move the bike from the premises, resulting in the altercation."

In response to the video, Aetos commented: "Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Our team will thoroughly investigate the matter and take appropriate actions where necessary."

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