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Sengkang condo resident's doormat removed for 'encroachment'

In this condominium if you leave your doormat at the… door, someone may complain.

Why else would the condo management at High Park Residences in Fernvale take away such a small item for “encroachment”?

Mr Frankie Lim, who lives at the condo, went on the Complaint Singapore Facebook last Sunday (Aug 20) to share a notice that an unidentified neighbour had got on Friday.

He told AsiaOne that he found out about the matter from the neighbour who sent him the notice.

Titled "Encroached items removed",  it said that the condo management corporation (MCST) had "previously notified you (unit owner) about encroachment on common property and gave sufficient notice to remove the items".

"Since no action was taken on your part, we have moved the items to the management's holding area," the note continued. 

The resident was told to approach the management office for permission to recover their item.

The item in dispute - a doormat.

Mr Lim thought that the MCST took this action "due to neighbour complaints" as he had observed that "most units have a doormat and shoes outside".

Apparently this sort of thing happens in other condos too, going by the comments from netizens.

“Not the first. Even Siglap V does that. They said it's a fire hazard,” said a user.

“Do you know some condos don’t allow people to hang clothes on their balcony? I don’t know where to hang also. Got to use a hair dryer to dry clothes,” said another.

But where would you place a doormat except at the door? How big was it? 

Commented one person, “Nah, I can almost guarantee that it’s not a mere mat. Or that the dimensions are overly big, like a full-sized Egyptian rug.”

A photo of the offensive item might help to settle this territorial dispute.

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