Singapore no longer best country to be amid Covid-19 pandemic

Singapore's reputation as the best place to be amid Covid-19 pandemic has dropped.

Within six months, Singapore's reputation has gone from No. 1 to No. 39 in Bloomberg’s Covid Resilience Ranking October’s lineup as the city-state sees record cases and deaths. 

Despite having one of the highest vaccination coverages in the world and a low mortality rate, Singapore scores poorly for flight capacity and vaccinated travel routes, reported Bloomberg.

Singapore is ranked below South Korea (No. 14) and Japan (No. 16) and South Africa (No. 38), although we fare better than our neighbours Indonesia (No. 48), Malaysia (No. 50), and Thailand (No. 51). 

Ireland retains its pole position, followed by Spain and the UAE, which round out the top three. 

According to Bloomberg, its Covid Resilience Ranking uses a wide range of data to capture where the pandemic is being handled most effectively, with the least social and economic disruption - from mortality and testing rates to vaccine access and freedom of movement. It scores economies of more than US$200 billion (S$265 billion) each month on 10 core metrics.