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SPH Media comments on recent senior hires, outlines approach towards talent

This article is more than 12 months old

SPH Media has addressed comments from the public about its hiring of former staff from information technology services and consulting company Accenture.

In an internal memo to SPH Media staff, it said it had hired 21 people for senior leadership positions since it was formed in 2021.

Of these people, three came directly from Accenture, while another three had experience at Accenture at some point in their careers and were in other companies prior to joining SPH Media.

The remaining 15 came from other organisations.

“All staff appointments are undertaken after careful evaluation to ensure that each individual is able to contribute effectively. We will continue to recruit individuals with different perspectives, skills and experience to augment and enrich our talent pool,” wrote head of human resources Maureen Wee in the memo.

She added that all members of the SPH Media family are valuable regardless of where they came from and how long they have been with the organisation.

“Everyone has a role to play as we navigate the future together,” she said.

The internal memo comes after SPH Media Trust was formed as a not-for-profit-entity in December 2021.

On March 1, 2022, Ms Teo Lay Lim, former chairman of Accenture Singapore, took on the role of chief executive of SPH Media.

Discussions on SPH Media’s hiring emerged after the publication on March 5, 2023, of the names of former Accenture staff who are in the senior management team of SPH Media Trust.

In a Facebook post, former Straits Times editor Leslie Fong compiled the list, which included Ms Teo, chief financial officer Andy Hui, chief technology officer Kaythaya Maw, chief transformation officer David Pang, head of circulation Melvin Tan, head of corporate marketing and communications Fen Peh, and head of corporate real estate and workplace services Jennifer Lee.

He added in his post: “Coincidence? You draw your own conclusions, my friends.”