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S'pore man survives after falling 5 storeys from Thai hotel

A Singaporean man survived after falling five storeys off a hotel in Thailand.

The 37-year-old, identified only as Mr Brian, had checked into the Krabi Seabass Hotel in the southern province of Krabi on Saturday (Aug 26) with a friend just an hour before the incident, said a hotel staff member.

The two reportedly booked accommodation with the hotel for one night and were due to catch a return flight to Singapore the following morning, reported Thailand's news site Thaiger.

Despite falling from height, Mr Brian survived with only minor injuries like bruises and a few scratches.

He reportedly landed on a clear plastic roof before landing on the ground.

Krabi Pitak Pracha rescuers were called to the hotel to help him.

He was conscious throughout the ordeal and was transported to Krabi Hospital for a medical check-up.

The police are investigating the exact cause and circumstances of Mr Brian's fall.

While questioning people at the scene, 43-year-old Ho Si Ping, the friend who had accompanied Mr Brian, revealed to the police that he had been struggling with mental health issues and had recently sought medical attention at Krabi Hospital for this reason.