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S'pore woman allows M'sia husband to have mistress in prenup

Singaporean woman HLC in July 1997 married Malaysian man PTL.

She had a child from her previous marriage and he was a bachelor. 

Among the conditions agreed on by both parties in a marital agreement dated Aug 9, 1997, was the permission for Mr PTL to have "can at any time have one other woman partner in his life" other than Ms HLC.

Ms HLC filed for divorce in 2021 and claimed for equal division of assets, among other things. She demanded a list of damages to be paid to her, claiming that Mr PTL committed adultery with Ms GEN.

In a court document dated April 16, Judge Evrol Mariette Peters granted the divorce and instructed Mr PTL to pay Ms HLC a monthly maintenance of RM10,000 ($2,847) and RM 6,000 for two of the five children they had together.

The judge rejected Ms HLC's argument that she had signed the marriage agreement under duress as there is lack of evidence and her educational background, which includes a degree from National University of Singapore, weakened her claim of ignorance and duress.

She granted Ms HLC a quarter of Mr PTL's monies in fixed deposit bank accounts and the Employees Provident Fund.

Ms HLC does not get to keep her ex-husband's Porsche and is given his KIA Sportage instead.

She also gets 20 per cent of Mr PTL's shares in eight companies.