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Stealthy monkey swipes banana under busy stallholder's nose

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It chose to accept its Mission: Not-so-impossible and if not for an astute observer, no one would have been the wiser that a banana had gone missing.

The culprit, a monkey, had locked its eyes on a large stock of bananas at a Changi Village Hawker Centre goreng pisang stall.

In a move worthy of Tom Cruise, it reached down from the stall's rafter that it was sitting on and swiped a bunch as the stall owner was busy with customers.

But it took just a single banana before returning the rest.

It then proceeded to enjoy the fruit of its labour after moving higher on the rafters.

TikTok user @118stormbaytaxi recorded the theft and uploaded it onto the platform.


@118stormbaytaxi Stealth 100 #missionimpossible #cuteanimals #hustle ♬ Mission Impossible (Main Theme) - Favorite Movie Songs


Internet users praised the stealthy monkey for its restraint.

The stall owner told Shin Min Daily News that she was preoccupied with business and didn't notice the theft until she turned and saw the monkey eating the fruit.

She said that another monkey dropped by the next day to steal another banana.

Maybe the stall is Mission: Banana training ground.

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