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Study or work in Taiwan: Top universities and semiconductor firms recruiting talent from Singapore

Those interested in joining the booming sector can take part in job-matching interviews and learn about available study grants and more at an upcoming career fair in Jurong East

After Mr Lee graduated from university in his native Malaysia, he decided to move to Taiwan to work for the industry’s leading electronics company where he had interned for a year. “Taiwan’s semiconductor firms were, and continue to be, among the best in the world, and Taiwan is such a friendly place that welcomes foreigners,” he explained. 
He has spent a decade with the firm, rising to become a research and development manager and relishing his work, which has included training and fostering an overseas branch which currently has about 300 engineers. 

Now, Singaporeans and residents in Singapore have a golden opportunity to work and live in Taiwan too. To fill workplace gaps in the booming semiconductor sector, Taiwan’s government is collaborating with the industry to recruit talent from abroad – including Singapore. 

Taiwanese government agencies, universities and semiconductor companies will be hosting a recruitment event in Singapore on March 31 at the Career Services Center Singapore at e2i west in Jurong East.

Joining the best in Taiwan 

Taiwan’s semiconductor sector has become a global powerhouse due to the growing demand for semiconductors, which are found in almost all electronic devices. In 2022, the industry expanded to an estimated value of NT$4.88 trillion (about S$214 billion), making Taiwan the world’s second-largest semiconductor supplier. 

Those interested in furthering their studies, diving into research or embarking on their careers in the industry can attend the one-day event to find out more about the many possibilities awaiting them in Taiwan. They can take part in job-matching interviews, learn about available study grants, internships and jobs, and more. 

Taiwan’s top semiconductor companies, colleges and universities, such as National Taiwan University (NTU), NYCU, NCKU, NSYSU, NUK, National Taipei University of Technology (Taipei Tech), NKUST and CSU, will share more about their programmes. 

Industry leaders from some of the participating semiconductor firms, which span TSMC, Mediatek, Realtek, UMC, ASE, Phison and Ardentec, will elaborate on their work, job openings in their ranks and potential career paths for staff. The companies will also interview attendees who submit their CVs online, or have them at the event. 

Fresh graduates or postgraduates with a background in electrical and electronics, chemical engineering, physics, materials, communications and information are encouraged to sign up, but anyone from relevant fields or occupations are also welcome to attend. 

Taiwan’s Ministry of Economics Affairs’ Industrial Development Bureau is helming the event through its Intelligent Electronics Institute and Industry-Academic Cultivation Program of High-level Talent in the Semiconductor Industry.

Taiwan’s Institute of Information Industry and NSYSU’s Southern Taiwan Industry Promotion Center are helping to implement it. An event organiser shared: “Taiwan is striving to maintain its leading edge in the global semiconductor industry.”

“Through such international talent exchanges and recruitment activities in Southeast Asian countries, Taiwan aims to optimise its semiconductor sector’s environment and talent training mechanism, and thus provide the best workplaces for employment and research for international talents.”      

Building a top-flight career in Taiwan

The organiser noted that Taiwan’s semiconductor sector spans a wide range of disciplines, including coming up with new and improved designs and manufacturing processes, as well as packaging and testing, for the microchips. 

People can also find their place in a variety of businesses, from fabless semiconductor firms that focus on microchip design, to foundries that only produce chips for others, to integrated device manufacturers that cover the entire spectrum of processes from planning to production.

In 2018, the Taiwanese government also relaxed visa, employment and various other regulations for foreign professionals, while improving tax, insurance, retirement and other benefits for them. For example, those with specific special expertise, including in the semiconductor industry, and earn over NT$3 million a year can deduct half of their salary for taxation for the first three years. 

As recently as January, the government said that it is seeking 20,000 such highly skilled foreign professionals and 200,000 overseas university students to help fill jobs in the semiconductor, blockchain, finance, and offshore wind power industries, highlighting opportunities for talent. 

The event organiser said: “By studying and working in Taiwan’s semiconductor industry, you can get access to many of the sector’s leading research institutions and enterprises, honing your professional skills and international vision for the future.”

Click here to register and submit CVs for the 2023 Taiwan Semiconductor Talent Recruitment Activity in Singapore happening on March 31, 2023. It is taking place from 1 pm to 5 pm at e2i West, Career Services Center Singapore, 80 Jurong East Street 21, Singapore 609607.

To learn more about the hiring companies and universities, visit this website.