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Teens throw water and bully drunk man at void deck

A group of teenage boys were caught on camera laughing as they threw things, including a pail of water, at an apparently drunken man in an HDB void deck at night.

One video shared by Sgfollowsall shows the man lying on the ground at first, seemingly passed out as a boy threw a slipper at him.

The man then sat up with his head lowered as another slipper hit him.

Another video shows the teens having their way with the unconscious man as they threw a broom, a traffic cone, a cardboard box, a tree branch and other objects at him.

One teen spat on the man’s foot and then poured water on him.

Netizens condemned the teenagers’ behaviour.

One commented: “Another case of teenagers videoing themselves doing dumb stuff and getting caught later.”

Another lamented: “Seriously, what happened to humanity nowadays. Seriously, where is the racial harmony and love for all?”

A Shin Min Daily News reporter visited the location and all that was left was a wooden plank and a traffic cone.

A resident said that he often sees a man sleeping downstairs in the morning.

"He often sleeps on the floor downstairs of a nearby HDB flat, but it does not affect the surrounding residents. I am not sure if he is the man who was harassed in the video," said the resident.

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