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Women show trashy behaviour for trendy clothes at Expo sale

It takes just one person to instigate others into behaving as badly as them.

A woman shopping for clothes at the Singapore Expo exemplified this by aggressively snatching clothes off the rack at what seems to be a sale.

A throng of other women followed suit because, of course, they could not be left behind in our "kiasu" culture (or maybe it's just the ravenous appetite for a sale seen typically in shopping addicts).

On Sunday (July 30), a TikTok user uploaded a clip of the incident to the video-sharing platform.

In the video, a woman in white is standing next to a rack full of clothes at the Expo with others around her.



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She tries to approach the rack, but a staff member stops her.

But when staff members start pushing the rack, she starts snatching whatever she can get her hands on off it.

Other shoppers immediately start doing the same.

Items fly all over the place with many clothes falling on the ground in the mad rush.

The woman in white is seen snapping up items from a fresh rack and again, prompts others to do the same.

A staff member, presumably, can be heard saying, "Wait, wait, wait!".

A staff member, presumably, can be heard saying, “Wait, wait, wait!” but in vain.PHOTO: KELVIN4PRES/TIKTOK

But it is in vain as the shoppers continue with their less-than-becoming behaviour.

Some are heard screaming (in antipication of a juicy deal supposedly) and one even says "Oh my god" over and again.

The original TikTok user who uploaded the video has disabled comments on his post.

But the clip made its way across other social media and users were still able to call out the women.

An Instagram user said that their actions were an embarrassment.

Another said that being so kiasu shows the ugly side of Singapore.

Indeed, the clothes they took could have been beautiful but their conduct certainly was not.

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