Traffic Police target heavy vehicles

This article is more than 12 months old

Heavy vehicle drivers who flout traffic rules will be the target of a month-long operation to clamp down on errant driving in such vehicles, the Traffic Police announced yesterday.

Four people have died in the first half of the month in accidents involving heavy vehicles, with three taking place this week alone.

A combination of covert and overt operations will be conducted daily, said the traffic authority at a press conference.

This comes as figures show traffic violations by heavy vehicle drivers rose 13 per cent to 18,591 last year, from 16,413 in 2015.

The top three violations were speeding, failing to keep left on expressways, and using mobile communication devices while driving.

There is also a higher number of incidents involving heavy vehicles in which people have died: 19 so far this year, compared with 16 in the same period last year.

The figure does not include the latest fatal accident, which occurred on Thursday.

Mr Ang Hin Kee, deputy chairman of the Government Parliamentary Committee for Transport, gave two possible reasons for this increase in violations.

"First, more motorists have in-vehicle cameras that can record violations by other motorists. Second, many heavy vehicle drivers are paid per trip. Hence, they might be more likely to speed, so as to earn more," said Mr Ang.

Mr Gerard Pereira, 60, a training manager at the Singapore Safety Driving Centre, said it is important to be more stringent in ensuring the rules are followed by heavy vehicle drivers, as a deterrent against poor driving habits.

During the enforcement operations yesterday, 62 summonses were issued against 28 drivers.