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Wet weather expected to continue until mid-December

The wet weather here is likely to continue for the first two weeks of December, with thundery showers expected over parts of the island on most afternoons, which may well extend into the night on several days.

The total rainfall is expected to be above average over most parts of the island, said the Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS) in the weather advisory on Dec 1.

Daily temperatures will likely range from 24 deg C to 33 deg C on most days, and the daily maximum temperature will possibly reach 34 deg C on a few days.

Inter-monsoon conditions are expected to continue in Singapore and the surrounding regions during the coming fortnight, with winds blowing mostly from the north-west or north-east, said MSS.

In the last two weeks of November, the monsoon rain band – a cloud and precipitation structure associated with rainfall – was located over the equatorial South-east Asia region, resulting in wet weather in Singapore.

Most parts of the island recorded above-average rainfall during the fortnight, such as Ulu Pandan, where rainfall of 119 per cent above average was recorded.

On Nov 21, MSS reported widespread moderate to heavy thundery showers over many parts of Singapore in the afternoon.

The daily total rainfall of 128.8mm recorded in Bedok that day was the highest rainfall recorded for the second half of the month.

On Nov 28, a heavy downpour resulted in floods in western Singapore – a 20-minute flash-flood occurred in Boon Lay Way and several roads in Jurong West were flooded.

Despite the wet weather, it was generally warm and daily maximum temperatures exceeded 33 deg C on most days. The highest daily maximum temperature of 35.3 deg C was recorded in Clementi on Nov 17.