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Wild boar attacks woman in Bukit Panjang, bites then drags her onto the road

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A woman was attacked by a wild boar at a bus stop in Bukit Panjang on Tuesday (May 2), and has since undergone three rounds of surgery for her injuries.  

The 34-year-old was waiting for the bus when the animal charged at her from behind, reported 8world

According to the woman’s sister, Ms Sridevi, the wild boar bit her buttocks and calves, dragged her onto the road and flung her around.

A person who was exercising nearby witnessed the incident and helped scare off the animal. 

After three rounds of surgery, Ms Sridevi said her sister might need more procedures to repair the damaged nerves in her fingers. 

"My sister is not in a good condition right now. She can't speak much and is still traumatised," she told the Chinese daily. 

"She can't forget the feeling of being dragged to the road by the wild boar." 

The National Parks Board (NParks) told Shin Min Daily News that it was alerted to the incident on Tuesday and sent staff down to the scene. They found the wild boar lying by the road when they arrived.

"A veterinarian said the animal had broken hind legs. It had to be euthanised," NParks said.

Wild boars will only attack if they are cornered or feel threatened.

If you encounter a wild boar, remain calm and move slowly away. Refrain from approaching, cornering, provoking or feeding the animal, NParks added.

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