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Woman appeals to Foodpanda rider to help catch cockroach in flat

Cockroach scurrying about in your home? Not to worry. If you’re too afraid to handle them, just make a food order with Foodpanda. 

One woman felt she had to resort to such measures when she spotted a cockroach in her living room recently. 

Alone at home, she was too terrified of the insect to deal with it. 

Lucky for her, she had a food delivery order already on the way, and decided to ask the rider for help.

TikTok user Germainlce shared her ordeal in a photo collage on Monday (Oct 9).

"I've never asked for extra favours when ordering food, but desperate measures were needed," she said in the clip.

She messaged the delivery rider, Desmond, asking him if he would help her with the pesky bug. This was at about 3.30am on Monday. 

Sharing the screenshot of the conversation, she sent the rider images of where the cockroach was so that he could catch it. 

As soon as Desmond arrived at her house, GermainIce said she passed him a can of insecticide – to which he replied in casual bravado: "Use tissue can already".

He successfully got rid of the cockroach. 

"Just nice he's not scared of cockroaches; really damn heng," the TikTok user wrote in the captions.

After the deed was done, GermainIce said she was unable to tip him via the app after the delivery was done.

"I really wanted to tip him. He help me throw rubbish some more," she said. 

She wrote at the end of the clip: "Thank you Foodpanda rider Desmond, my saviour, for your efficiency. You, your family and descendants will be blessed."

Netizens tagged Foodpanda to the clip in the hopes that Desmond would be rewarded for his actions. 

One user commented: "Cockroach-fearing people all over need such fearless heroes.”