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Woman decides to buy winning 4D numbers but doesn't register account in time

A woman was left kicking herself for not buying a 4D ticket after the numbers she chose ended up being the first-prize winner. 

TikTok user Bentley posted a clip on Monday (May 8), explaining that she had gone out for dinner and drinks with two colleagues at two different places.

Coincidentally, the bill at both venues came up to $167.51 – down to the very cent.

Not surprisingly, the group took it as a sign, and were convinced to try their luck at the 4D draw over the weekend, using all the permutations of 1,6,7,5. 

"Win liao I throw letter," Bentley said in a text message to her friends, meaning she would quit her job if she hit the jackpot.

The following screengrabs then showed how Bentley had tried to register for an online Singapore Pools account on May 5, to place bets for the weekend draws on May 6 and 7. 

However, she was told the application would be processed within two days.

On May 6 at 8.58pm, Bentley received a message from Singapore Pools that her account was activated, and she decided to check the draw results for that evening.

The winning numbers? 6517.

In the video caption, Bentley wrote: "Brb, crying".

It is not clear, however, if any of her colleagues managed to win the prize money.

Several commenters chided Bently for not heading down to a Singapore Pools outlet to buy the tickets.

 "Lazy people don't deserve to win the lottery I guess," said one comment. 

C’mon guys. Why kick someone when they’re down.