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Woman fulfils dying father's wish of seeing her get married; he dies later that night

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A father who was stricken with cancer and bedridden got his last wish to see his daughter get married fulfilled, before he died that same evening.  

The bride, Sng Hui Sing, 29, told Shin Min Daily News that her father was diagnosed with colorectal cancer three years ago.

His condition took a turn for the worse about a month ago, when the family was told he had around three months to live. He was then transferred from National University Hospital to Assisi Hospice.

"We began discussing whether my father had any unfulfilled wishes," said Sng, the eldest of six kids.

Sng's mum told her that her father's biggest wish was to see her get married, "but if we weren't ready then there was no need to force it".

Sng and her fiance had originally intended to get married on Nov 11, but decided to hold the ceremony as soon as possible.

Staff at the hospice linked her up with Ambulance Wish Singapore, who shared about the ceremony in a Facebook post on Oct 31.

Sng’s father participated in the couple's tea ceremony held at the hospice on Oct 30, before he died later that night.

With special permission granted from the hospice, around seven family members were allowed to witness the ceremony.

A particularly heart-tugging moment was when Sng's fiance handed her father the tea.

"It turned out even better than I'd expected," Sng said, while expressing her gratitude to Ambulance Wish and the hospice for their support.

"Within three short days, they were able to help arrange for a room, a make-up artist… and settle the tea set and decorations among other things," she added.

Ambulance Wish Singapore wrote in its post: "When the groom said to Henry, 'Papa, tea for you', we knew, though Henry was looking tired, his heart must (have been) beaming with joy as he sipped down the tea. It was a moving sight to behold."

Sng told Shin Min that the couple's ROM ceremony will be a simple affair at home. Their wedding banquet will be postponed till next year.

Sng and her mother havel also donated $500 to Ambulance Wish Singapore as a token of appreciation.